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Oct. 26th, 2005 @ 09:19 am Bisensuality
Current Mood: artisticartistic
Current Music: Lullaby - Alanah Davis
© J. D. Faulkner 2005

The ocean
My newest lover
You caress me like no other
Blue skies
Cloudy days
Full of the fluffy white stuff
That is your love
Heat penetrating from above
Blinded by your passionate crashing
You leave me gifts of your affection
And lay them at my feet
The ocean
My newest lover
Wind in my hair
Breath of fresh air flowing through me
You kiss my cheek so gently
With your cool
The ocean
My newest lover
You listen to my hopes and dreams
In screams and in whispers
Lost on the wind
Only you know
The deepest secrets that I covet within
Your loyalty soothes my soul
Your rising waves flow provocatively beneath my skirt
Lapping at the secrets held in hidden treasures
The ocean
My newest lover
I am dumfounded by your beauty
The silhouette of your curves
Laid out on the crystal clear horizon
Frolicking in all of your womanly glory
You belong to me now
To me
And me only
And nothing
Not time
Not space
Nor the faces of others that gaze lovingly
And wantonly upon your body
Shall ever take that away
For our love is fluid
We ripple in understanding
That our romance that has just began
Has always been….
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